Accredited Pet Gundog Instructors


After studying for 18 months under Lez Graham author of The Pet Gundog series of books we are pleased to announce that we are accredited pet gundog instructors.


Our studies took us through not only the practical application of training for pet gundogs, but also included a wide range of subjects such as anatomy of the gundog, physiology, taxonomy, diet and behaviour.


We have always been firm believers in making training fun for the owners and dogs, whilst meeting the desires of these breeds produces well rounded, well behaved, content pets.


Our pet gundog training is fun and educational. Classes run fortnightly to give plenty of time to practice what is being learnt between classes

Our gundog training is ideal for anyone who owns a gundog breed who would like to learn how to get the best out of their dog, and develop a rewarding bond along with good off lead control.

If you would like additional training between these sessions we can arrange 1-2-1s or small bespoke group lessons if there are specific exercises you would like assistance or additional coaching/help with. These can be arranged weekdays, evenings or on weekends subject to availability. Early booking is advisable.

We take age appropriate training very seriously and the exercises are run and planned around the dogs ages and abilities to prevent damage to young dogs joints and growth plates.

These classes are part of a progressive program starting with our beginner pet gundog course, aimed to bring out the best in your dog whilst building the foundations of gundog training. Each level is essentially a 8-10 class development program (running with fortnightly sessions)

There is a short de brief at the end of the class where we will recap the exercises and how you should continue at home.

We also have a private group on FB for those attending our gundog training, the reason this is private is so that our clients can post photos/videos/questions on the page for us to help with any problems you may be having, or, equally to celebrate your successes!

Call or email us for futher details of the full range of training options that we can offer you

Please call us on 07989515814 or use our contact form.

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