Behavioural Consultations

A dog's life can be confusing, fitting in with an owners family life and routine can sometimes be stressful and lead to undesirable behaviours. Similarly despite our best efforts our dogs can occasionally be exposed to situations for which they are unprepared which again can give rise to problematic behaviours. These behaviours are best addressed early to prevent them becoming a habit or escalating.


Problem behaviours may include:




Your dog jumping all over you

Toilet Training

Excessive Barking

Excessive Digging


Separation Anxiety

Aggression or over excitement on the lead



A behavioural consultation from Family Dog Services will look at your dogs behaviour and taking a holistic approach will look at the root cause and symptoms then we'll create a plan to address the unwanted behaviours. The consultation typically takes between 2 and 4 hours at your home (unless there is a specific need that requires an assessment at a different location), preparation of a full report and training plan, coupled with ongoing support. £290


Call us on 07989515814 or email us your details using our contact page and we'll get in touch to discuss your issues and arrange a time/date to see you and your dog.

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