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Family Dogs Services is a family run business comprising of married couple Claire and John Denyer.

“Our mission is to help dog owners get their training right first time and help them correct any unpredictable behaviours that occur during their dogs development.”


People are often unprepared for what is required to develop a well mannered, obedient pet, and even when you get everything right, circumstances beyond your control can give rise to challenges. For that reason we decided to learn to teach key skills that your dog should have, provide assistance and advice to enable you to correct any issues you are having and help your dogs become well mannered members of your family.


Our focus is to show you, how, through changing your own behaviour and attitude towards your dog, your dogs behaviour and attitude towards you will be rewarding. Our aim is to offer you the skills to develop a well mannered, obedient and respectful dog.


We are proud to have trained alongside dog behaviourist Robert Alleyne attending his  instructors course. We contiune to attended various workshops and seminars including canine first aid, dog aggression awareness, dog on dog aggression courses, dog on human aggression courses, and Zoopharmacognosy to name a few. As part of our ongoing education we are continuing our personal development in dog training and behaviour with the CIDBT (Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training).



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